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Step 1

Using groups can significantly improve productivity and make your work day easier! Therefore, before you can create a new group and use it, make sure that you have organized all the applications and their windows. Switchem remembers the window position and its size.

Step 2

Then you can create a group. There are two easy ways to do this. First one by pressing a combination of ⌥ (Option) + ⇥ (Tab) keys. Another one by clicking on the Switchem icon in the menu bar and then the “Create New Group” option.

Step 3

Check the checkboxes next to the desired applications that you want to be in the group and the group is ready! Press the “Create New Group” button to save one. If you wish to personalize the group, just check the “Customize Settings” checkbox.

Repeat these steps to add as many groups as you need.

Step 4

Now let’s open newly created group right away. Just press the ⌥ (Option) + ⇥ (Tab) keys or click on the Switchem icon in the menu bar and then the “Create New Group” option.

Step 5

Press the ⌥ (Option) + ~ or § keys to select a group in reverse direction.

Press the ⌥ (Option) + 1 or other numbers prior to 9 keys to selecting a group by number.

Press the ⌥ (Option) + 0 to create a new group.

Step 6

Press the ⌃ (Control) + ⇥ (Tab) keys to quickly switch between windows in current group.

Press the ⌃ (Control) + ~ or § keys to select a window in reverse direction.

You’re ready!

Great! Now, you’re ready to use Switchem.

One more thing. No need to start each application 1-by-1. Switchem can save your time and run or even quit all the applications in the group by a single click!

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